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Renewable Energy

Solar PV in Cardiff, Swansea, Port Talbot, Bridgend

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps are becoming an increasingly popular choice for home heating.

They can be installed in new homes and just as easily retrofitted into renovation projects. Quite simply, the air source heat pump has a motor powered by electricity that supplies more energy than it consumes. For every kw unit of energy purchased as electricity, around 4.1 units of heat are delivered.

The unit itself works on pressurising refrigerant to create a heat output. Air source heat pumps use electricity to power a compressor, which forces gaseous refrigerant through small holes to create heat. This heat is transferred to your heating system, and it’s this cycle which make air source heat pumps so efficient.

Air source heat pumps do not require any land or ground works so are considerably cheaper to install.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps use a buried ground loop that transfers heat from the ground into the building.

Heat supplied by the Ground Source Heat Pumps that we install will provide all of the hot water and space heating requirements for your home. Central Heating Services Uk Ltd can take the installation of ground source heat pumps right from the early ground survey stages, through to the end commissioning and maintenance of the heat pump unit.

The efficiency of ground source heat pumps is measured by the coefficient of performance (CoP). This is the ratio of units of heat output for each unit of electricity used to drive the compressor and heat pump. An average CoP for a NIBE ground source heat pump is 4.5- 5.0. This means that for every unit of electricity used to power the Ground Source Heat Pump, around five units of heat are produced making it an extremely efficient way of heating a building.

To keep the efficiency of ground source heat pumps as high as possible we always aim to use underfloor heating throughout the entire house. Underfloor heating works well with ground source heat pumps as it requires a lower operating temperature.

Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV for short) is a technology which allows you to harness the clean, natural energy of the sun and use it to generate electricity to power your home.

You can even earn money in the process, thanks to the Government-backed feed in tariff, which rewards homeowners who take measures to generate renewable electricity.

When you choose to invest in Solar PV technology from Central Heating Services UK Ltd, we’ll install a series of panels to your roof. When sunlight shines on the cells it creates an electric field across the layers of silicon. This DC current is then converted into AC electricity by an inverter. This electricity is used to power your home. If more energy is generated than your home requires, you can sell the surplus back to the national grid.

We’ll also install a second electricity meter to measure how much electricity you are exporting. This will be important in order for you to get the full benefit of the Feed-in tariffs. In addition, we install isolator switches so that when you turn off your power from the mains, you can turn off the power from the panels too.

Solar PV technology works best in direct sunlight, so shading should be avoided. We will also do a full site survey to make sure the best site possible is used to avoid shading obstructions such as chimneys, trees and satellite dishes and to help you choose the right size system for your home and roof.

If you are interested in solar PV and are based in Cardiff, Swansea, Port Talbot, Bridgend or the surrounding areas give us a call on 07971 660 743 or 01656 785 650.